Friday, March 2, 2012

Book and pattern review

I've been wanting to do a book/pattern review for a long time.
so I've picked my top 3 things
I'll show them in the order I've aquired these

number 1: Yellow Brick road.
My all time favorite and most used pattern, it's super easy and great for beginners.
I taught this class at the local college last year for beginner quilters, each turned out great.

I have made SO many of these especially when I first started quilting. 6FQs make a cute little baby quilt. I've shown them on my "preview years" here
The 6 FQs you stack and cut into strips, then sew some together, sub cut the other way and create simple blocks

My next one is Twist on bargello
(I took this picture from amazon, so go there if you want to buy it and look inside)
here's a few pics from inside
(my favorite pattern is the one on the front, I've made this one several times)

This one below I've made into a cute baby quilt too

the book shows the same block over and over again, it's all made from sewing strips of fabrics together, then sub cutting these into different widths and sewing them together into blocks, now the design is how you turn the blocks around and the color placement, it's SUCH a fun book and easy!
here's some TWIST on bargello quilts I've made since I got the book 

Last on is Kaleidoscope quilting the smart way!
You may have seen this featured recently in quilt magazines.
Again I bought this book because of the cover quilt, then I got the book and saw that I could buy the plastic template and I really liked the quilts in there, so I figured I'd order it, the number was a quilt store in NY I think, and who picked up the phone?? the author!! I was so excited about that, we had a little chat and when she sent me the template she signed the little pattern that comes with it :-)
Now I friended her on FB and tag her on pics of these quilts.

here's a few pics of the patterns inside
this one is my favorite, it's a bit complicated but I love it!
(if you get the book and want to make this, practice a few blocks first the regular way)
As long as you READ the directions and FOLLOW them it's not a problem :-)

This is the one from the front, I made this into a christmas one, I messed up on some of the blocks, but you can't tell, I don't LOVE it, this one here is WAY cooler.

This is one of the first quilts in the book, all the same block just turned a different way, a very cool look.

here's the template, do you see her writing on the top right in red pen on the pattern?? teehee.

The template is fun to use, you start off with pinwheel blocks and them using the template, you trim them, to either be this block sketched on the pattern or an 8 sided kaleidoscope block, then add the corner triangles to make it a square.

I just ordered some fabrics for my other neighbor who's pregnant, her theme is Dr seuss, and today is Dr Seuss day, so had those fabrics on sale and if you spend over $50 use coupon leap212.
my total was just over 50 and now it's 43 :-)
I tried to stick with red/white and black and then a funky one for the borders, we'll see what it looks like, I'm being brave by making it in the top pattern (the blue one) it's not good to use directional fabrics for that one and prefer smaller prints, the ones I bought have dots and circles etc so we'll see, it'll still be cute! (I hope)
I might do a more step by step once the fabrics get here, let me ask permission!


Connie said...

What great books and pattern and another gotta have template! They all look like they would be so much fun to read/make!

Carol said...

Thanks for the reviews. I love to take a sneak peek and see what others think before I buy books and patterns.

iluvmybugs said...

What fun books...enjoyed your reviews Bea!!! TFS

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the Bargello book, still need to actually MAKE a quilt using it. I'm going to have to get the Yellow Brick Road quilt, if the quilts are quick and fast they'd be perfect for my prayer quilts. Seems I've found a quilt niche for myself. :)