Monday, February 6, 2012

showing 2009 and older quilts for fun part 1

I was looking at my website today and downloaded all the pics of my old quilts AGAIN.
In the fall I got a lap top so all my older pics are either on the old computer ( the kids' computer now) or an external harddrive, so it was easier to just re-download them.

It's fun to look at how far I've come.
I learned how to quilt in 2004 when I was pregnant with my daughter, then didn't do much for a few years or very slowly, it wasn't until we moved to pittsboro and I got my own craft room that I got really HOOKED and sew every day now, so I guess 4 yrs ago = 2008-ish

I remember making these and buying the fabrics way back.... :-)
they are not super pretty.
I donated most of these if not all to my church to take to russia on a missons trip.

nine patches in a row

diamond in a square


sort of a log cabin or court house steps

with matching bear! my kids still have this one somewhere...

card tricks (I think)
made this for a neighbor who was pregnant when we moved here

I have this book- one of my first quilting books- called SEW ONE AND YOU'RE DONE
it's pretty much just enlarged blocks, pretty easy to construct.
these 4 are all from that book.
I was getting into doing rounded corners too, easy to attach binding and I didn't even make the binding on the bias, the curve was large enough.

These are from a book call FAST FUN FAT QUARTER quilts- I think.
BUT, the FQ measurement in the book does not match sizes today, so I always had to buy more FQs than the pattern called for.

This one is my all my UGLIEST quilt.... eww.
I think it was the first one I long armed, to practice and I knew I wasn't attached to the quilt, so if it got ruined I would toss it.

My all time favorite pattern:
Yellow brick road.
my neighbor pieced this first one by hand then didn't like it and gave it to me to finish and gave me the pattern to borrow, later I bought the pattern :-)

this black and yellow one, is the largest yellow brick road quilt I've made, I still have it :-)
instead of 6 FQs, I used 6 half yards plus border fabric

This quilt I made for a friend, she paid for the fabrics and picked the pattern and I made it :-)

from scraps I made this table runner and gave it to a neighbor.

a jungle baby quilt, I just love that baby jungle fabric, a friend from our old church, who's from africa was pregnant so I thought this would just be SO cute for her.

My award winner :-) bargello mirage by dereck lockwood.
got 2nd place at innovations international quilt show in washington
(so now I write international award winner on my business card)

I sleep with this quilt on cold nights, love the black, red and white.

a table runner that won a ribbon at the chatham county fair a few years ago, I still have this one too and really think it's ugly. ;-P
well it's not "pretty", let's just say that, it's okay, I'm just not loving it.

a quilt I made for my mom- she still sends me pictures with the quilt on their couch, the black floral border fabric was a fabric she brought over, I think she made curtains with it, so we matched up all the rest with it, she loves black, gold and burgundy.

a little fall wall hanging, a neighbor gave me scraps left over from a kit she made and I was able to make this.

some trick or treat bags for the kiddos

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