Monday, February 13, 2012

mail call and eagles quilt traced

Look at what came in the mail today

a yummy batik jelly roll and one yard of red fabric
I got an email last week about having batiks on sale and I saw this jelly roll and couldn't help myself! it was under $30 and if I order for $35 or more I get free shipping, so I added this red fabric, I am always running low on reds.
PLUS pine tree's BOM is about polka dots so that was kind of cool that this has dots on it, so I will use that.

I am at a loss now, as to what pattern to use to make something out of this!
any ideas???
I'm thinking of making another jelly roll race quilt top, the other one wasn't that pretty and I think in batiks it'll be cool! we'll see

I also finished tracing eagles onto the blocks on a neighbors quilt, phew it took a while, you can faintly see it. Now I'm mounting it on my long arm, but taking a break, because things are not lining up right... I hate when that happens and then I poked myself with a pin, so I had to stop before I bled all over the place :-)

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Sewlmate Sister said...

I too have just bought a jelly roll for a quilt I've been planning to make for a long time.....I'll post a picture of the one I really like on my blog!!!