Monday, February 20, 2012

fabric ball, farmer's wife EQ, and first snow

I recently borrow this book from the library
I remember making pentagon balls when I was a teenager and couldn't remember how I did the cardboard/ templates inside, so anyways I tried this and sewed the fabric over the edge and sewed them all together.
These were leftover fabrics from the NEXT design star competition fabrics I had here.

Last night we got our first snow this season in NC, not much but still enough that the kids got excited, just too bad they already have today off from school, since NC schools are wimps! snow like this would have kept them home an extra day or at least be 2 hrs delayed.

At the library I also borrowed the Farmer's wife book.
I know I won't have time to make one and really don't want to either, but I DID have time to sit down and enter all 110 (or was it just 101)blocks into EQ7 and made this
I was surprised how few of them were already in EQ or maybe the names were just totally different.
I picked just 6 colors.

Here's a layout using Connecting threads fabrics from their "whisper" collection

and from their blue collection...
I love blue, so I'm partial to this one
IF I would ever make this, I would do it slowly and order the fabrics, the cut out the sashing and corner triangles and borders, then I'd know I'd have free reign over the rest of the fabrics and can mix and match them..

well, got another customer's quilt on the frame ready to start quilting, OR I could sew... it's really hard for me to long arm quilt when the kids are home, so.....


Carol said...

Love the blue quilt. It reminds me of snowflakes. hehehe. Maybe I just have snow on the brain today but I love it. Not a fan of the pale colored one.It looks better in fold colors.

Eat, Sleep, Quilt said...

I like your colorful puzzle balls! They were calling for rain-turning-into-snow here in the District but we didn't get either, which is fine with me.

I had to chuckle at the picture with the tractor(?) - it's as if it's saying "Okay, you can come this far but no further!"

Sunni @ Love Affair with my Brother said...

Love the blue and I love that you are such a great planner. I would never think to cut the sashing and borders! I just jump in, head first! Ha!