Monday, January 16, 2012

today I finally finished my customer's batik quilt.
That took almost a month! phew
well thanks to tiredness and nausea ;-)

The quilt looks great!

I've shown close ups before, the large and medium blocks had bubbles and feathers, the small blocks just had bubbles on the dark part.

here's some pics of the back,
the border I did a branchy looking vine all the way around to mimic the fabric itself, bubbles on the small border.

Here's another picture of Peanut, see the drool! it's hanging like a CHAIN! ewww
one second later it got longer and hit the floor and stuck there... yuck


Quilter Kathy said...

Amazing amazing quilting!

2ne said...

Love your quilt - it looks like 3D in a way :-) Lovely

Rhonda said...

Poor Peanut... He just gets all the blame. :)
We have a Great Dane so I totally understand. sandy doesn't come inside though, out bossy min pin wouldn't hear of that.

Christine L said...

LOVE THE QUILT... Beautiful job on the quilting! My Pup blows bubbles when she is hungry..right before we put her food dish down..craziest thing those furry children do :)

KatieQ said...

The quilting is amazing. I love the vine branches and the bubbles. They really complement the pattern and fabric.