Monday, January 23, 2012

got a little more sewing done today and looks at my craft room

Before I show any quilting stuff, I wanted to show this :-)
doesn't it look yummy??
A cinnamon raisin bread, made in my bread machine.
And here it is CUT...

nothing like a fresh warm slice of bread with butter or nutella- or one of each :-)
I've been making my own bread for quite a while now.
We bought a bread machine several years ago for $75 on amazon, which is now 275! what??
anyways, every time I'd go grocery shopping I'd be appalled at the prices for a simple loaf of bread,$2 and up. I figured I can do that cheaper myself and then I KNOW what goes into it.
I'm not like this with other things, but just too cheap to buy store breads. now the downfall is that the slices are THICK when I cut them, it's hard not to, so a loaf only lasts 2 days between me and the kids and the occasional slice for my husband. But really with home made breads, they start to go bad on day 4. I most often just make regular white bread, but sometimes half whole wheat or like here, a cinnamon and raisin bread, plus I have a few others I sometimes make.
I once read an article that if you invest in a bread machine, you'd earn your money back within a year.- my machine is a panasonic SD- yd250

Okay on to more quilty stuff. This morning I read a blog about someone's craft room, and I can't remember if I've shown much in detail from my room, maybe a picture like this one going into the room. My craft table in the middle with my chair on the right and two chairs on the left for my kids to sit and do crafts. Then my sewing machine on the right and my embroidery machine on the left- facing the kids side, but once I start it up, I don't need to be sitting right by it all the time so it's a good place for it for now. up against the back wall- almost- is my long arm machine :-)

To the right- kind of behind the door, is a metal shelving unit- a big mess, but that's my UFO's or more like ongoing projects, customer's quilts, scraps of batting etc.

up against either side wall are 24 little cubbies on each side, my first ones have my fabric stash, I really don't think I have a LOT, do you?
I have the color coordinated and with yardage on the left side of the shelf, charms on the right, scraps in the middle, FQs on the front right and often jelly rolls or 2 1/2" strips on the front left
(well that's how it's SUPPOSED to look- I often mess it up, AND my kids have free access to fabric scraps too- okay so I blame it all on THEM! ha ha)

more cubbies with books, UFOs, tools etc. then my ironing board! a lady from church gave me thing fabric wrapped board, it's longer than 50" and pretty deep too, I LOVE it, I did have my ironing board at a 90 degree angle next to the table with the sewing machine, but with this board on it, I can't walk around the iron anymore, so I turned it back toward the wall, it's still easy to move around if I need to.

On the top of the cubbies toward the back of the room, are my rows of signature thread cones and matching bobbins for my long arm, and a cannned air for the long arm as well- I know that's a BIG no no for regular sewing machines, but my long arm is designed to be kept clean in the bobbin area this way.

My long arm- VOYAGER 17 and summit frame from hinterberg
(a few ribbons in the background on the wall)

My LOGICAL setup at the craft table.
So looking on the left- my Janome sewing machine, stuffed owl pin cushion, a tool caddy (actually a kitchen caddy) a thread bowl I made- ugly thing- but it's for threads, so who cares! remote for the stereo :-) another pin cushion I mostly use for the long arm. On the far right corner is my bobbin winder for the signature threads and bobbins for the long arm, I usually have two cones of each color, so when I quilt a quilt I mount one cone on the winder and start winding one bobbin, then when my current bobbin runs out, I switch them out and start winding another while I quilt.
My mickey Brother embroidery machine- pretty much just use it for quilt labels.

the 24 cubbies on the other side of the room are mostly for the kids stuff, perler beads, coloring things, craft things etc.

Okay, so I took over a few on this side too, for the GO! dies, a roll of batting, CDs lined up on the top of the cubbies, the stereo on the left, with the accuquilt Go! on top.

The first part of my craft table always has my mat and ruler laid out, I really need a new set- see the lines worn out at around 4" of the left, same on the 4" marks on the top..
I'm going to town for a Dr. appt wednesday, I MIGHT just go by JoAnn's and get a new set, plus world market is right next door and this weekend was my birthday, so they sent a coupon for $10, I NEED more licorice :-)

I also go some sewing done today. I like the Go! die- triangle in a square, it's great and has the little tabs cut off and lines up great

look at how it lines up!

all the blocks are finally done for the gingham dog quilt

Work in progress list for 2012
#1 welcome to the hive- top done and ready to quilt
#2 lotus quilt- top done just missing applique pieces
#3 blue flower table runner- top done and ready to quilt
#4 pumpkin star pillow- just needs to be stuffed and sewn together
#5 red mini star table topper- top done and ready to quilt DONE!
#6 Bunny table runner- top done and ready to quilt
#7 Connecting threads KIT fabrics- don't know what to do with them yet
#8 giraffe wall hanging - still working on needleturn applique, mommy giraffe almost done
#9 pineapple black and blue quilt- making blocks as LEADERS and ENDERS
#10 Blue star quilt- lots of blocks done
#11 Pine tree BOM- not even started yet
#12 Next Stitch STAR- design made, fabrics not ordered yet
#13 snowmen table runner- working on embroidery every day 4 out of 5 snowmen done!
#14 Elenar Burns star Go! die- pieces cut for a scrappy look- may scrap this whole project
#15 aqua owl- applique ironed on, need to stitch around and sew together
# 16 geese in a ring- DONE!
# 17 Bonnie Hunter ORCA mystery - working on clue #8
# 18 Little twister blue- on the shelf, starting base top is done, some blocks cut and sewn
#19 green, red, yellow flower quilt- top done, just taking forever removing the papers
# 20 small trees- no plan for these yet
# 21 spring swap blocks- got plans but no background fabrics ordered yet
# 22Making memories embroidered panel- needs to be made into a cute wall hanging
# 23 black, red white asian quilt- blocks done
# 24 color block swap- top is done, done and quilted!
# 25 fall leaf blocks swap- lots of blocks, ideas, but no plan yet
# 26 Baby gingham dog boy quilt- all blocks are done
#27- a doll apples quilt, top done in one day.

phew I'm tired now, going back to watch some TV I think- I've been netflix-ing "how I met your mother" hilarious show! going to start season 5 now, I think season 6 is on TV nowadays, so have to wait to stream that :-)


Quiltaholic said...

AH! THAT YUMMY BREAD, I CAN SMELL IT FROM HERE! *faints* ------ THUD! LOL! Thank you for sharing your crafting room solved a prob for me, the "tool caddy", DUH! Why didn't I think of that?! Well, that's why I follow you pros on your blogs, to learn, yay me lol! Again, TFS! *HUGS*

Connie said...

What a great craft/quilt room! Love all the shelves along the walls and the space you have! How fun that it is big enough for your kids to do crafts in there too! How long is your longarm? I've got that AccuQuilt die too and it is great!

Christine L said...

OH Bea... I am jealous of all your space! :) I wish I had a LA too! But alas I don't yet... maybe in the years to come I will be able to find away to make it happen ;) I loved the tip too on the kitchen caddy! I have one of those in my kitchen and may just have to add it to the sewing room too :) Thanks for sharing! :)

Tracy Johnson said...

You certainly look busy. I love fresh baked bread and the smell that makes it way around the house.

I love my mug rug I received from you. It is a perfect fit for my tea pot and I think of you every time I make a pot, which is at least once a day. Thank you again.

Lucy @ Charm About You said...

The bread looks delicious!! And how gorgeous and organised your sewing room is!

Brandie said...

Like you I make all our bread. Also let me pass on another favorite at our house, Biscoff spread. I alternate between that and Nutella. Yum!
Thanks for the tour of your creative space, I'm so jealous!
Take care and don't forget those prenatal vitamins.