Friday, January 27, 2012

gingham dog quilt top is done

The gingham dog quilt top is finally done :-)

I looked at my left over fabrics and I had planned the light blue to be the backing with just one seam on the back, but I also think there's enough for binding, we'll see, once I eat my lunch I will trim the fabric for the backing and see what I have left.

here's an update on my 2012 list ( I've added a few more now) call me CRAZY!

#1 welcome to the hive- top done and ready to quilt
#2 lotus quilt- top done just missing applique pieces
#3 blue flower table runner- top done and ready to quilt
#4 pumpkin star pillow- just needs to be stuffed and sewn together
#5 red mini star table topper- top done and ready to quilt DONE!
#6 Bunny table runner- top done and ready to quilt
#7 Connecting threads KIT fabrics- don't know what to do with them yet
#8 giraffe wall hanging - still working on needleturn applique, mommy giraffe almost done
#9 pineapple black and blue quilt- making blocks as LEADERS and ENDERS
#10 Blue star quilt- lots of blocks done
#11 Pine tree BOM- not even started yet
#12 Next Stitch STAR- design made, fabrics not ordered yet
#13 snowmen table runner- working on embroidery every day 4 out of 5 snowmen done!
#14 Elenar Burns star Go! die- pieces cut for a scrappy look- may scrap this whole project
#15 aqua owl- applique ironed on, need to stitch around and sew together
# 16 geese in a ring- DONE!
# 17 Bonnie Hunter ORCA mystery - all clues done, piecing it
# 18 Little twister blue- on the shelf, starting base top is done, some blocks cut and sewn
#19 green, red, yellow flower quilt- top done, just taking forever removing the papers
# 20 small embroidered trees (4 blocks) - no plan for these yet
# 21 spring swap blocks- got plans but no background fabrics ordered yet
# 22Making memories embroidered panel- needs to be made into a cute wall hanging
# 23 black, red white asian quilt- blocks done
# 24 color block swap- top is done, done and quilted!
# 25 fall leaf blocks swap- lots of blocks, ideas, but no plan yet
# 26 Baby gingham dog boy quilt- top is done
#27- a doll apples quilt, top done in one day.
#28(jan 2012) need to quilt 2 donation quilts
#29(jan) batik pastel kit won at quilt show

3 comments: said...

You have something to work with here of course. And crazy, yes we are, but in a very good and positiv way. Have a nice time by the sewing mashine!

Annie said...

This is really a cute baby quilt with the puppies. Crazy? It didn't sound crazy to me. Besides, crazy loves company!...the more the merrier!

Carol said...

Love the colors in the quilt. It's such a happy quilt.

You have quite a list for 2012. I can't wait to see them all finished.