Sunday, January 1, 2012

first post in 2012

I was busy last night!
the kids wanted to stay awake until midnight and I told them we'd watch the ball drop in New york on TV. So while we WAITED I sewed :-)
I told you yesterday I recv'd a package from connecting threads and washed all the fabrics, so of course I had to cut into them.
remember I posted about the color block swap I was part of here?
the black and blue for the border I used from the STASH I got yesterday, it turned out cute.
I had a few trouble spots with some blocks not being perfectly square, but I fixed them and it looks fine now- I made NONE of these blocks BTW
Yesterday in the mail, I also got these, they are only 2 1/2" squares- 42 of them
so of course I started playing with EQ7
I first counted how many of each color was in the pack and got the idea for this design right away.
should I do black?

or white?

or what about a turqouise?? after all it's a tiny quilt, more like a baby doll blanket.

well I liked the black the best and had plenty left over from the color block quilt, so I quickly made this top.

this morning I woke up to the last clue of the Bonnie Hunter ORCA mystery quilt, being revealed.
hers looks awesome!
I'm still not liking my color choices, I don't know what I was thinking and I don't have enough contrast.
But I worked on it today after getting home from church.
and this is what I ran into...

Look how much size difference there is!
well I pinned it and sewed a few together, and it's not too bad.

it's pretty close to lining up, still I'm not loving the colors. hmph.
I know I measured blocks where I was done etc, but obviously something is up...

I hope this is not a preview of my quilting skills for 2012.
can't win them all....
I really want to finish this, but I'm SO not loving it now, that maybe I should put it on the shelf for a while and work on something more FUN.

Here's my list

Work in progress list for 2012
#1 welcome to the hive- top done and ready to quilt
#2 lotus quilt- top done just missing applique pieces
#3 blue flower table runner- top done and ready to quilt
#4 pumpkin star pillow- just needs to be stuffed and sewn together
#5 red mini star table topper- top done and ready to quilt
#6 Bunny table runner- top done and ready to quilt
#7 Connecting threads KIT fabrics- don't know what to do with them yet
#8 giraffe wall hanging - still working on needleturn applique, mommy giraffe almost done
#9 pineapple black and blue quilt- making blocks as LEADERS and ENDERS
#10 Blue star quilt- lots of blocks done
#11 Pine tree BOM- not even started yet
#12 Next Stitch STAR- design made, fabrics not ordered yet
#13 snowmen table runner- working on embroidery every night
#14 Elenar Burns star Go! die- pieces cut for a scrappy look- may scrap this whole project
#15 aqua owl- applique ironed on, need to stitch around and sew together
# 16 geese in a ring- DONE!
# 17Bonnie Hunter ORCA mystery - working on clue #8
# 18 Little twister blue- on the shelf, starting base top is done, some blocks cut and sewn
#19 green, red, yellow flower quilt- top done, just taking forever removing the papers
# 20 small trees- no plan for these yet
# 21 spring swap blocks- got plans but no background fabrics ordered yet
# 22Making memories embroidered panel- needs to be made into a cute wall hanging
# 23 black, red white asian quilt- blocks done
# 24 color block swap- top is done
# 25 fall leaf blocks swap- lots of blocks, ideas, but no plan yet
# 26 Baby gingham dog boy quilt- fabrics here and ready
#27- a doll qpples quilt, top done in one day.



Marie said...

Great 2012 To Do List! and one thing off it already! I look forward to seeing your many projects as you work on them :) Thanks for sharing!

Christine L said...

The the Color Block Swap quilt! The black set everything off perfect! Good Luck with the Orca Challenge. I had a mystery quilt like that too... I ended up making the blocks into a Really Fun Class BAG.. :) Happy New Year!

Sue Daurio said...

I think if you make a 3 by 3 square with you colors you'll see the pattern and then determine if you like. I think your colors are like a sweet gentle breeze of spring :) Not sure what's up with the string blocks being too large - but the block you sewed together doesn't look bad. Your block swap quilt is really nice. Happy New Year!!

Cherry said...

Wow, you got a lot done! The swap quilt looks great with the blue border; love the different look of the little apples doll quilt - the black turned out so cute! I can't wait to see all the progress on all these projects - good luck!

Taxastrikkeren said...

Jeg har set de søde ugle-grydelapper på Hannes blog. Da jeg så dem første gang troede jeg det var net, altså store indkøbstasker. Sy dem i kraftig stof og du har byens flotteste taske.

Hilsen Gitte fra Danmark

Connie said...

Your little doll quilt is so neat! I like the colors in your Orca Bay and hope the rest of the blocks fit better, good luck!

carolyn berroeta said...

I think you need to see a pale ohio star block next to the darker one, and then the pattern should appear. Don't give up too soon ! So much work, I"'m sure you'll make it happen.

Mandy in TN said...

about Orca Bay, did you notice in the red string step that she said to not only cut the red block in half, but to also use your triangle ruler and put the 3.5 inch line along the bottom and slim it down a little more? i'm not saying you haven't already done that, but you do have a pretty big difference in sizes there.
i think when i do my red stringy part, i'm just going to do a 3.5 inch strip with the red strings going vertically and use my quarter square ruler. that way i'll have the strings going in the right direction without having to find a way to make my little strings long enough to fit diagonally on a big block.
good luck. i hope you start liking it better. we all have way too many UFOs. i hope you stick with it until it's done so it isn't another monkey on your back.

Jeane said...

I am sorry you are not happy with your blocks and colors. As far as the strings being too big, I find this happens when I use paper for a foundation. Maybe try starching the blocks and then give them another trim. Instead of putting all this work you have done on the shelf, why don't you make something else with the blocks. It is okay to not like what someone else has designed.

Leeanne said...

I don't mean to be happy about your misfortune with Orca Bay, but it is because I have the same problem!!
What I am doing...very time consuming, is unpicking the wings off the triangle strings and ever so slightly tapering them on the wide edge of the string, just a tiny bit. there must be other people having the same problem?

auntdebbiequilts said...

Bea, I love what you did with the Little Apples that I sent. Cute setting. I'll post a link from my blog to yours soon. Debbie