Friday, December 23, 2011

playing with EQ and connecting threads

Do you know Connecting threads?
here's the link, their fabric prices are GREAT! AND the fabrics are made in the US!
gotta love that

Did you also know that IF you have EQ, you can download a bunch of FAB files from Connecting threads of their fabric lines here.
It's under the tab freebies and then click EQ fabric downloads.

You can download and save them or download and OPEN them, then once you have them downloaded click the FAB file and copy it to your FAB folder.
(my computer has it under my EQ6 folder)
-documents/my eq6/ user
then you just paste them in there and open EQ and voila! they are there, you have to click on MY libraries in EQ to find them, but it's easy to find.

So today I was playing with some of the new lines of fabrics and this storm at sea and snowball layout I made, I reduced it to be a baby/ lap size quilt.

Then I changed the fabrics to URBAN

And one called Just desserts- that's little cupcakes all over the fabrics!

and LOVE my honey, hard to see but it's bees on the white fabric

And Whirlwind Blush in pink and Whisper in blue


then ELLA in pink and green

here's another layout, it's called asian persuation- can't remember what magazine it's from, but I've made a quilt for my mom several years ago with this pattern- made hers large.

this is the CT zippee collection

and Around town, I added a yellow to it, the line only had a few fabrics..

so GO have fun and download CT's newest fabrics and play in EQ.


Alycia said...

Seriously ? I am in trouble now - I will be downloaded fabric and playing instead of cleaning!!! ( good choice right?)

Lee Ann said...

thanks for letting us know about this!

Have you actually used Connecting threads fabric? I thought about purchasing some; but, never heard of them nor do I know anyone who used their fabrics. The price certainly seems awesome!

quilton said...

I have used their fabric. I just finished the last free pattern from Bunny Hill with the Canterbury Line from Connecting Threads. It turned out beautifully. Their thread is fantastic too.