Friday, December 23, 2011

Orca clue #6

I was so excited yesterday morning when I saw Bonnie has posted  clue #6 a day early...
So I quickly got to work on these Ohio stars

since I swapped the colors around and I'm using blue instead of black and pink instead of red

I'm not totally loving the light blues in the blocks, just looks ODD, hmm well we'll see about the end result, it's still fun to make

Here's what my kids made the other day.
A gingerbread house!

And here's a danish tradition of making these paper stars
This year my kids were old enough to learn how to do these...

I then got some silver curling ribbon and made a teeny tiny one, phew that was annoying with the ribbon curling so much.

If I don't post before Christmas.
MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone.
Jesus is the reason for the season!



Quilter Kathy said...

You have done an amazing amount of sewing at this busy time of year!
Those tiny stars are adorable!

Ray and Jeanne said...

Your Ohio stars look great! I love your paper stars - do they have a special name? I'd like to try making some! ~ Jeanne in IL

Julia said...

The gingerbread houses are so cute. Keep plugging away on that Orca Bay quilt. I'm still lagging behind.

Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

Your blocks are looking so beautiful!

Leeanne said...

I think your stars look great, if you are going for scrappy you are winning!

Helen in the UK said...

Congrats on being up to date. You'll only know for sure when we see the layout, often variety of tone really add to the effect in Bonnie's quilts :)