Saturday, December 17, 2011

mug rugs, owl and portfolio and cookies are done and EQ ideas, orca progress

So many little things to show!

First: the MUG rugs are DONE :-) they turned out really cute, though I had to EXPLAIN to my husband what it was and that you can put a MUG/cup on it and a snack etc on the side...

I told you I would make another owl and portfolio set, so here is the beginning of it.

Did I mention that the pattern is in Fons and Porter December 2010 magazine
 ( they made it out of wool but I use cotton)

here's the inside and the back of a portfolio ready too.
The pattern for this was part of a kit from connectingthreads.
here is the pattern- it's on SALE!

the set is all done and I found a pink basket I made a while ago, a good match!

Now WHY am I working on the ORCA #4 mystery quilt?? because I want to!!
I SHOULD be sewing the binding on the barcode quilt for MY husband.

here's I'm feeding them thru the machine. Right now I have all the blocks done on ONE side, working on the other half today.

remember I wrote about getting my kids a lego set for advent calendar, here is the progress so far.

hard to tell, but the store has a little fireplace and two machine- like a coffee maker or something like that.

or maybe it's an icecream maker?

Here is the recipe for these cookies! OREO crunch bars

crushed oreos and butter as the bottom! YUMMY
globs of FLUFF- didn't know it was that stiff, couldn't really spread it out..

then cruches oreos on top with chopped nuts and chocolate and then bake them

they were a bit hard to cut but I managed, but they are crumbly! so I made little goodie bags for the cookie exchange instead

TODAY, in my SPARE time :-) I played with EQ7 again and modified some old patterns

This is called SCRAPPY stars, can't remember if I copied it from a pattern or a blog. If you can seen it, let me know and I will link back to it.

well the border is kind of boring, so I plaued with it here

still not enough so I made them striped, now that would look FUN, all scrappy!

This one is called WHO wants to play, I think it was from McCall's
here's in some blue porcelain looking fabrics

Then I found these WARM batiks! uhh looks cool

What if I added some applique?
(I have sunbonnet sue Go! die on my wish list)
it's cute, but she's more traditional...

how about flowers instead ??

Now I was thinking I could do a different flower in EACH block. what do you think?


Connie said...

I sure love your owls and I'm so glad I have that pattern. Your mug rugs looks great and I just finished ironing the last of 700 little hst's attached to my blocks.....step 5 is done!

Quiltin' Sandy said...

Lovely mug rugs, Bea. I have made 2 this year, one for a craft forum swap. and one for an Advent swap. I had stitcheries in the middle of mine. Love stitchin' at night. :)
I also covered a journal for the first time and made a beaded marker for it, I was real pleased with it and plan to make some more next year to give as gifts. :0)
I will see if I can get a back copy of that magazine, too. Sandy.

Cherry said...

Love your tree mug rugs, an the little owl is adorable, ... It's all so pretty! ...the Oreo bars, yum!