Tuesday, December 27, 2011

loading a quilt on the summit frame and more

For some reason I felt like sharing pics of my long arm setup and frame.
My machine is called voyager 17, and then a summit frame, both from hinterberg (now Nolting)
both are AWESOME, and compared to others they are really affordable.
here's a link to their website.

so I finally got around to loading a customer's quilt on the frame today.

First I pin on the backing to the top roller and the take up bar/ rear roller

then I moved up the batting roller, the summit frame has these notches on the sides to rest the roller while you pin it on.

I then take up the roller for the top, but just temporarily place it in the 2nd notch, because I move the batting bar back down in it's spot, then move the top roller back to notch #1.

All parts of the quilt, I mark the middle with a pin and the leaders on the rollers already have marks for the half way point, that's my starting point to pin.

then I pin left and right, I bought this pin cushion at JoAnn's a while back and attached an elasic thru it so I wear it as a bracelet, when I go left I wear it on my left and hold the quilt parts with my left and pin with my right, then on the right side I switch

The two bottom rollers have the PLUGS removed, while I moved the rollers up and down.

after the rollers are back in place, the plugs go back.

Now the 3 parts are on the rollers in the front, batting is at the bottom, then the top, and the backing is on the top roller (underneath everything)

I then pull everything taught, and lay the batting on top of the backing and make it smooth, line up the pin with the marking on the leader for the half way point, it's okay if things don't like up 100%, it happens, I can work with about 1" off from the center, if it's more than that, I may have to look at the pieces again.

I know make sure the rollers are secured.

Then lay the top on top again and line up with the mark, then start pinning thru all the layers

Can you see the pins? the top is about 1" from the rear leader, that helps too if things are a little crooked.

Now everything is set and ready to quilt.

see the pattern in the fabric, I was trying to mimic that.

a little bit hard to see, but quilted these thin branches.

Since I showed the pictures of all my projects I'd LIKE to do, I figured I'd tackle the geese in a ring swap blocks

here's all the fabric piles, ready to go

about half way thru here.

the piles are shrinking!

and this is my leader and enders project :-)

Look what came in the mail today!!
a gift from the blog hop! from Norway.
Here's her link to her blog.
It's in norwegian, but I can sort of read that, danish is very close to norwegian, but a few words are different.
This pin cushion is tiny and CUTE!! I love it

She even added a postcard from her town and a little X where she lives, how cool!

look how small it is!? about 3" but very cute
I'm still surprised at the postage rates over there, I know DK is the same, we really can't complain here in the US.

Lastly wanted to show that I'm not the only one here creating something, my son made this diorama today!


Hillbilly Tonya said...

How old are you children? Your son did a nice job!

goldencomet said...

Thanks, Bea, for showing yoour set-up! Hopefully I will get a LA in the spring and I have never seen one being loaded.
I am really looking forward to quilting with it.

jrwork said...

I really like the seasonal trees...what pattern is that?