Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I'm on a roll with mug rugs and one more owl

I'm on a roll with these cute mug rugs

remeber my post about the EQ versions here ?

So I made two first, the elephant and a school house.
Forgot to MIRROR the print out in EQ, and didn't realize it until I had sewn most of it together, but it looks cute this way so I left it.
The school house was a big of a challenge, the CHISEL shapes on the top corners of the block...

also I know some are following my kids advent calendar building adventure... here's the front so far

look at the inside! it's a toy train and a robot and then I assume a register! so cute :-)

You may wonder why I posted a picture of PEANUT, my BAD 135 lb bullmastiff!
Well, sunday after my cookie exchange I came home and remember those tree mug rugs for my kids teachers? I had those wrapped up neatly with a target gift card a a handful of hershey kisses.
WELL I came home to wrapping papers on the floor, stuff scattered everywhere!
Guess who had gotten onto the dining room table and chewed his way and DROOLED his way to the chocolates? the mug rugs were okay JUST dirty, so I washed them and reWRAPPED everything.
DUMB DOG!! he didn't even get sick from the chocolate (for those of you who HAVE sympathy for him! ha ha)

Oh, and this is HIS couch! he has drooled and slobbered so much on this, I gave up on cleaning it, does he look guilty?? no not at all! just comfy...

Yesterday and today I finished another mug rug in blues. I usually don't paper piece geese but this time I did, it was actually fun.

I wanted to show you the back of the mug rug, since I'm giving these 3 away I embroidered my initials at the bottom- just with the sewing thread I used to sew the binding on with.

and lastly, another owl in the works, but now I ran out of fiber fill, oh oh...
(he's stitched in grey thread, since the REQUEST was black, red and grey- I don't have any grey fabrics)

Has your dog ever been as bad as Peanut?? I can tell more stories too!!
(chewing a hole or two into a quilt top, chewing up a package of batting, getting into my trash numberous times, and if you have followed my blog for a while you know he recently ate 2lbs of raisins! survived that too! lol, some days he's CHEAP for sale, just kidding, we all love him)


Dark Heart 2011 said...

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http://tubakk.blogg.no/ said...

So cute, your owl.

Cherry said...

Lots of smiles right now!!! And look at that face, so innocent, ha! Your mug rugs and owl are precious - yeah, love that owl.

Samantha said...

LOL about the DOG! Ours is a 90 pound Akita and while she is mostly good, if all of us leave the house we come home to some sort of mess. Once she somehow managed to get a brand new package of gum out of my workout bag (how she opened the zipper I have no clue) and she had eaten and spread gum all over my living room wood floors that were new! Silly mut!

Janet said...

Your mug rugs are lovely - I especially like the geese one. The advent calendar looks like fun. Is is lego or Playmobil or something else? My dog chases vehicles. Much more dangerous, although less clean up in the home.

mary said...

we had a German Shorthair that ate everything too!!. He got a hold of my CHoc biscotti . Even old rat poisoning did not even bother him!!!!Nice dog.