Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I did get some sewing done

 for Last night I was able to get some sewing done! YAY
I also loaded a customer's quilt on the frame so that's ready for me to long arm quilt later today.
So last night I figured I'd start on the ORCA #2 part.
I've never done string piecing before, so this was NEW to me, and FUN!

Bonnie mentioned old phone books, but when I get them they go straight in the trash! and we don't subscribe to the newspaper- I also know the ink can rub off and get everywhere.... but I found an old fall oriental trading catalog! perfect!
so I cut that up

Now my color for this part is PURPLE, I looked thru my scraps and cut out strips in different widths, I seem to have a lot of pale purple, hmm, but that's okay.

Look, one block is done! and the paper removed, I didn't change the needle in my machine but did reduce the stitch length and with that thin paper it was easy to remove the papers

Wonder what we'll make with these?

Now since it's december I HAVE to show this too.
it's a danish tradition ( You know I'm from Denmark right?)
Advent calendars! well none of that boring dollar store stuff that the kids would toss anyways.
Last year was the first time I did it this way and my kids loved it so I did it again.

I bought a NICE lego set ( I think I've posted about it already)
but anyways, I sat down one day while they were in school and split up the legos and put them into 48 little piles, and wrapped them up again, so this is after Dec 4th. I will show more pictures as they build more and more on this set.


Barb said...

My sons loved their legos...they even have them today and won't let me bring them out for company and they are grown men...

Beverly said...

We made a string pieced quilt in my club for a new Habitat for Humanity home owner. We each started with a small stack of strips cut by our "den mother," all blues and yellows, with a focus strip for the center (more or less) strip. Then we each added a few strips of our own. We put 'em all together and voila! It was mucho fast and fun, and turned out great.

Eat, Sleep, Quilt said...

great idea using the legos, this lets the kids use their imagination!

Hillbilly Tonya said...

I've never string pieced either, but Orca is a little much for me to tackle!