Wednesday, December 28, 2011

geese in a ring blocks are all done

I didn't think it was fair to just show 2 blocks of the geese in a ring.
So today I finished the other 5- started them last night.
(7 total)

here's the pile all done before being trimmed and papers removed

here's 6 done, when I removed the papers on the 7th one, I saw a hole, the fabric was too small on one spot, so I had to rip several steps out and put it aside for a while

green geese


yellow/ red/ blue - I think the note was ANY, so this is what I picked. I have to look again at the paper work.

a tan version, I think that was ANY as well

pink, green, yellow.

orange and turqouise.

here's the 7th one made

almost the same, but the top left quardrant, the upper reddish orange was my OOPSIE and I had to use a different fabric.

I'm also doing a LINK UP here
hope you'll jump over and take a look.

I think I'll start to list the progress on my projects and how I get them done:
More about them here

welcome to the hive- top done and ready to quilt
lotus quilt- top done just missing applique pieces
blue flower table runner- top done and ready to quilt
pumpkin star pillow- just needs to be stuffed and sewn together
red mini star table topper- top done and ready to quilt
Bunny table runner- top done and ready to quilt
Connecting threads KIT fabrics- don't know what to do with them yet
giraffe wall hanging - still working on needleturn applique, mommy giraffe almost done
pineapple black and blue quilt- making blocks as LEADERS and ENDERS
Blue star quilt- lots of blocks done
Pine tree BOM- not even started yet
Next Stitch STAR- design made, fabrics not ordered yet
snowmen table runner- working on embroidery every night
Elenar Burns star Go! die- pieces cut for  a scrappy look- may scrap this whole project
aqua owl- applique ironed on, need to stitch around and sew together
geese in a ring- DONE!
Bonnie Hunter ORCA mystery - waiting for clue #7, otherwise up to date
Little twister blue- on the shelf, starting base top is done, some blocks cut and sewn
green, red, yellow flower quilt- top done, just taking forever removing the papers
small trees- no plan for these yet
spring swap blocks- got plans but no background fabrics ordered yet
Making memories embroidered panel- needs to be made into a cute wall hanging
black, red white asian quilt- blocks done
color block swap- blocks are here and fabrics ordered for sashing and border
fall leaf blocks swap- lots of blocks, ideas, but no plan yet

WOW, that's 25 things, better go back to sewing some more upstairs!
Plus I have fabrics ordered for a baby quilt...

Anyone know a good html to add these with percentage bars on the side of my blog?


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Love all your geese blocks! A fun swap and should be a very cute quilt.

Marcia - Crafty Sewing and Quilting said...

Cool Flying Geese! Just love them! The colors really look vibrant with the white background!
Thanks for sharing on Minutes for Me! Perfect!

Toni said...

I really love Flying geese blocks but have never done any myself. Your rainbow one is my favourite.

goldencomet said...

WOW - and I don't mean the geese - I mean the list!!! I am thinking of recording my to-do list - maybe I'll do as you have done with an update including progress. Like you I have several things started. Easy to start - more difficult to finish! Good luck with everything!
Oh, btw, I also love the geese in a ring and that will definitely be on my wish list - for after some completions of WIP's.
Bea, have a great entry to 2012!

Hillbilly Tonya said...

They are really fun! I love rainbow quilts and I just love all the different rings of colors.