Monday, December 26, 2011

fabrics ordered

uhhh, I just placed an order for more fabrics at connecting threads here
their Quilter's candy fabrics are 50% off, so that's 2.48 per yard....

I ALSO did order the mat for the drunkard's path die AND a triangle in a square die on amazon so I can make this!!
I had to modify the fabrics a few times, since they must be out of it...
I have a neighbor who's 5 months pregnant and she does have a dog (or two?) so I'll make this for her.
I ordered extra fabrics to keep too and backing for this one too and binding, plus another green, not 100% sure about the green, so this way I have more to play with.

I also ordered some blue for backing for this one
I completed the top, so it's easy to go

I ALSO ordered black and a solid blue for this color block swap
I picked this simple layout, the size will be around 42" wide I think.

I think that's it, all fabrics for $58, that's pretty good!

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