Thursday, December 29, 2011

EQ7 fun english ivy

So, I'm sitting here this morning playing in EQ7 again :-)

I've mentioned before that I ofen take quilt magazines and copy the layouts into EQ7, then I can change the layout, change the designs and colors etc.

Here's one called english ivy from love of quilting jan 2011, page 77 (I put this in the NOTES of the layout in EQ) I noted that the borders were intricate etc, but I didn't copy that.
Anyways, a VERY traditional layout.

here's a close up of the block

so I clicked on WORK ON BLOCK button at the top and removed the little triangles on the leaves and also instead of having triangles at the top I made it simpler and made this little "bar" at the top.
Odd and fun looking, don't you think?
I love blue, so I changed the colors and put it back in the layout.
hmm, still kind of "boring"

What if I change the quilt layout to a horizontal layout.
(QUILT, new quilt. horizontal)
I did a 6 x 8 block layout.
Then I added the blocks and flipped the blocks so 4 go together.
what a cool look, you can get lost in that!

to not be so lost, I clicke the spraycan and held down ALT and selected a different light and dark blue and colored the opposite parts.
would this be a cool scrappy quilt?

what if I added sashing to this? more order in it! and more traditional looking.

how about a pop of color? now that's kind of interesting...

then I figured, why not color the whole thing like a flower

I changed the colors slightly on every other one to make it pop more.
Now I'm not liking the boxy look of the red. hmm

back to adding sashing, maybe in black and then I colored the cornerstones a different color to match what was near it, and a nice red border!

So scroll back to the top and see how a traditional layout from a magazine can turn into this!!

Here's another example.
this is called Elizabeth's garden, from love of quilting, june 2010 page 80
it's CUTE and I colored it in pastels. Can't remember if it was pastels or not in the magazine, sometimes I try to stick close to the colors, other times I do whatever other colors I feel like that day, just to change things up :-)

So here I wasn't liking the boxes in the layout- maybe it was a focus fabric? I don't know

I first changed the layout to a 4 x 5 block layout and then copied the blocks with the nine patch into all the blocks.
I also created a sashing block, here it was 9" block with a 1" sashing, so in WORK ON BLOCK,
I created a block that was 1 x 9 and made little block from 4-6", each 1".
so 3" blank, then 3" with 1" blocks(3 times) and then 3" blank.
When you add the block to the sketchbook it makes it square, kind of weird...
anyways, I added that and rotated the ones on the sides to match up right and colored everything to match up.

But got tired of the pastels, tried some warm batiks! a totally different look!

what about teal and yellow?

Again if anyone wants any of these files, let me know I'll be happy to email them to you.
Also , please comment if you want to see more of these EQ ideas, more in detail or just ideas? do you want more step by step directions?

happy new year!


Toni said...

I find these really interesting, I haven't got EQ but I am considering it so I enjoy seeing how you are able to change the patterns around.

Laila Mogensen said...

Det er rigtig god træning at prøve at tegne en quilt ind i eq. Det gør jeg også en del. Fantastisk ide at blogge om forandringerne også.

I learn a lot when trying to make layouts from magazines and books in eq. Great idea to blog about the proces.