Saturday, November 5, 2011

UNC multicultural fair 2011

Yesterday I joined up with some ladies at DOQ guild at the UNC multicultural fair at the hospital.
DOQ had 2 tables set up and I was told by someone else from DOQ I could bring maybe one quilt and my owls/ portfolios and to try and sell the owls/ portfolios etc.
So I got once side of a table and set up.
It was packed with people there, and so many doctors and nurses and people in scrubs.
Now the DOQ table was near the stage which I didn't mind, but it sure was LOUD!
but there were different dance shows and performances from different countries, very neat!

here's a few pics, sorry the hall was a BIG place with lots of windows so all the pics are DARK.
this group was a group on young people doing jump rope-ing, very cool! high jumps and tricks

Fancy ladies from either Brazil or Argentina, now I can't remember

they did a nice dance too

this is above the stage where there's a cafeteria, and then DOQs table was pretty much straight below the stairs.

Here's the DOQ table, see my owls? and my bargello quilt? the quilts on the stand in front were not mine, they were part of DOQ.

and Gwen came to see me on her way to class.
While we were talking this mom walked up and started talking to us about her son here, that's he's been very sich and in the hospital over a month, and his baby brother is in NICU.... such a sad story.
anyways I just HAD To give him an owl, the last BOYISH one I had.

I did sell 2 other owls during the day and later too a multicultural lady came up and said that each vendor was supposed to give a door prize, so I gave her an owl too. Which was fine with me, I didn't pay anything to be there, so that seemed fair :-)

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