Wednesday, November 23, 2011

To applique or NOT to applique

To applique or not applique. That is the question.

Today I finished the top for the lotus quilt, now I am still thinking I need to applique some flowers or a vine on the border.

Here's the main part of the top done.

Then I trimmed it down to 1/4" past the seam

Now the top is done, the border looks bare... hmmm

the Go! funky flowers I don't really like for this... maybe I will draw something.

Here's some EQ ideas

One with vines from two opposite corners.

Maybe also in the middle- but I think that's too much!

I like the one with the two vines, now WHICH flowers am I going to use?
I'll print out or sketch some flowers, I want more of a simple leaf as well.

Here's what else I did last night.
I signed up to be part of a geese in a ring block swap.
I printed out the template and cut out freezer paper for it.
Then started copying it, after 4 I realized that I printed it WRONG, my printer setting was set to SHRINK TO FIT, instead of NO CROPPING.
so. ARGH I had to scrap those and reprint and trace again.

I figured I had JUST enough kona white cotton left over from the barcode quilt, so it worked out perfect and I measured and cut out for all the blocks.

here's the block! am I NUTS?? no..... I DO have until feb. but I might be done before christmas :-)


Janine said...

Your quilt is looking lovely and I like the vine idea :)

Michelle said...

That is gorgeous! Are they Drunkard's Path units?

I like the applique in opposite corners.