Friday, November 11, 2011

randolph county quilt show 2011

Just got back from Randolph county quilt show.
I'm not a member of this guild but it's the next county west of us.
I did mail in 3 quilts, so I was excited to see the show today.
Two neighbors and I went today!

Here's a highlight

This one was really nice, lots of applique and detailed quilting.

another bonnie hunter quilt, the note read that she took the class taught by Bonnie Hunter
(gotta tell her)

This one was really nice too, I love to look at appliqued quilts.
I really want to make a NICE one ONE day.

Best of show, it was AMAZING, not only intrecate piecing, paper piecing, applique, also 3 colors of thread on the machine quilting which was awesome and the curved borders.
The MAN who made this made several others which were amazing.

I liked this one too, the green and purple pods in the middle opened up and had prairie points.

these were some NEAT asian circles, cool applique too, inspiring!

Hey Hey I got a ribbon! an Honorable mention, I'm totally happy with that! this was a tough show! some GOOD work in these quilts

like the geometry in this one

cool moon/sun in the middle

another appliqued quilt

and another, really nice!

Can you see what I'm drawn to? applique and black and white ( or bright colors)
this was a nice one too, I want to try something like that one day.

a cool one too

you see how big the ribbon is? the quilt was maybe 12" and those blocks and flying geese were teeny tiny and PERFECT!

another BRIGHT and colorful one, I really like it.

another mini quilt, by THAT guy again, again perfectly pieced and great quilting

and look, that's mine too with another HM ribbon. Yay!

Now this one was cool, such a simple design and yet the quilting was all zoo animals, very cool.

a nice table topper
I did enter in my city scape one, I think as a mini, but once I saw the other MINIs, no wonder I didn't get a ribbon, the other minis were awesome.
it was a neat show!
some very talented quilters.


Lyn said...

Hey, Bea, thanks for posting the pictures. I did indeed enjoy looking at them!

kheli said...

Thanks for sharing, and congrats on your ribbons!

Little Penpen said...

I went to the show today and I saw your kitty quilt. The guy who was demonstrating the ink that irons away, pointed out to me that the kitty had eaten the bird in the last block. loved it! I also saw your topiary quilt... very pretty. Did you know the man who makes those wonderful quilts is also a local physician? cool, huh?

Anonymous said...

Bea, I've been out of town and came back to read your post on the Hinty list. Bravo to you! Great job! (Here's hoping this post goes through this time.)