Tuesday, November 15, 2011

new quilt and lego advent calendar

Well I did NOT work on the barcode quilt today, shh don't tell my husband!

well he knows I'm working on it, but I don't think he expects it saturday for his birthday, I just can't do it.
last night again I played which EQ (who by the way is my new sponsor, more details later)
I have a few kits from connecting threads, I really like their fabrics, they are nice and keep changing, they are cheap and made in the US!!

anyways, months ago I bought this kit, I like it, but now I don't know, I think I had planned it for my daughter and now I don't think she wants it, she wants more pink girly stuff.
(which I have ideas for too)

so anyways,
here's a picture of the kit

There are some cool appliqued flowers on these blocks...
oh wel... sniff sniff. goodbye kit, I'm cutting you up!
so I looked at layouts I've added in EQ and I have the FAB file for this fabric line SWEET N SOUR from connecting threads, so it was easy to play around.
here's some ideas.

it's okay, but I'm not loving it.

this is okay too, just need more color, I don't know

again, something off with this one

here's a WINNER :-) I think the pattern was called LOTUS or something like that, I scaled the blocks down and matched up the yardage with what was in the kit.
Now that I'm looking at the border I want to applique some flowers on there, we'll see what happens.
I also decided here that the drunkard's path blocks should be appliqued instead of using templates, that part of the block is only 2" done so it will be somewhat fast to applique those.
I've cut out almost all of them exept the applique drunkard's path parts.

used heat n bond on these and cut out with scissors, after doing the orange I took a break.

Now to something else.....
Every year I make my kids an advent calendar, which I had in Denmark growing up.
Last year I got the idea to buy a large lego set and split it up into 48 little piles(24 for each)
so I did that this year again. (don't tell the kids)
Did you know LEGO is danish, it's two words put together LEG GODT, which mean play well!

So this is the set I ordered, it'd been in my closet for a while and I figured I would DO it now because the next two weeks are going to be busy busy.

The sets are out of the box, bowls ready, manual ready.

So I SIT down with the manual and page after page, find the pieces for step 1 and put them in a pile, then step 2 and put them in a pile etc. and end up with a bunch of piles, this is a picture of about half way done.

When I was done I had these left, I expected a few of the tiny pieces but not the big ones, OOPSIE. I double checked a few places and found the place for some of them, the rest goes in a LEFTOVER zip loc, so when the kids are missing a piece I will look there

now I combine the piles into 48 piles, I tried to pay attention to, that every 2 piles are sort of alike, so that one won't get some BORING pieces one day and the other get a bunch of COOL pieces on the same day....
Then I started to gift wrap each little pile and label them with numbers and their initials

Now I have a FANCIER box, but it's in the attic with all the other christmas stuff, so that'll have to wait until later.

for the FIRST time ever I did find two pieces MISSING! they were a cape(2) for a lego woman singing, looks like they were made of fabric, anyways, I looked online and submitted a claim and within minutes I had a reply that they will ship it out within 10 days, now THAT's customer service.

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