Thursday, November 17, 2011

I'm sitting here tonight and again playing with EQ7.
I thought I would show a little bit of how I "play" with it.
I often copy layouts from quilt magazines and modify them or get inspired by them.
This was a layout from FP dec 2010 love of quilting magazine, not in these fabrics but the looks is sort of the same.
So I had the blocks saved under the same file and created a new quilt, I made it square also and added the star blocks in every other block, then added the flying geese to the block s by the edges and flipped them away from the middle star, I also added the trees and rotated away from the center, then I found a snowball block and added that to create some space and added a 2" border all the way around. the blocks are only8" so I think the finished quilt would be 44" or so.

Here's one called Elizabeth's star
From FP love of quilting june 2010
again I changed the fabrics around- I always do that when I copy it into EQ

so a simple star block on point, what would happen if I added sashing to it?

I got tired of this fabric and just colored it with the COLORS in EQ, I don't really like yellow, but a star is yellow so I just kept with it.

I really didn't like that yellow, how about green? and I added a stripe to the sashing strips- under SASHING blocks in EQ- something I just found recently.


And what about some appliqued stars on the empty blocks?

Well then I had to made it more patriotic!

so quite a change!!

here's another one, triangle surprise from FP jan 2011
it's all scrappy.

what if I DIDN't make it scrappy, I used some fabrics from connecting threads

Then I played with the border and a skinny border then a border with points OUT.
looks cool with a solid black.
what if I removed the skinny border on the inside and instead added one on the outside to it's sort of floating?

Then I played with the points and colored them green (one from the CT collection)
I also colored the small triangles in the blocks that touched the large points

and why not add a little diamond in the corners then?

Hope that gave you all some ideas :-)
EQ is FUN, look out for a give away from them in December

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