Tuesday, November 8, 2011

happy haulidays

I came across a blog about a BOOK giveaway.
$500 worth of chronicle books
I'm really not a BIG book reader exept quilting books!! wouldn't that be awesome??
so here's my list:









Lotta Jansdotter's Simple Sewing for Baby





that's $355.39
I think that was ALL the quilting books I could find. plus some other ones

Then a blog follower would get the same $500 gift card, so DO comment and if I win I will pick one by doing the random.org

Also, the charity I'd choose... hmm
I wonder if I could SPLIT it??
I'd love to give some books to my kids school AND to the new chatham library in pittsboro, they NEED more quilting books, I request it about every month!



Lisa Marie said...

Wow, wouldn't it be something to win THAT drawing? Good luck.

Kelly Robinson said...

It's so cool how everyone's list is a little different. I'm having fun blog-hopping and checking out everyone's list!

Alycia said...

You would certainly be busy reading that many books - but what fun that would be!

Catie said...

Such a crafty list. Good luck!

jcamp2020 said...

I could really keep my four grandkids busy and engaged with all of those ideas!

good luck to both of us ;D

Theresa said...

I had quite a few of those books on my list plus some yummy baking ones! Good luck! & drop by and enter mine if you like @ DearCreatives.com
Going to check out your other posts! ;)

Rhianna said...

Lots of awesom crafting and sewing choices. Love CB's crafting section. :D

Good luck!

throuthehaze said...

Paper Cutting is on my list too :) Good luck!

amanda said...

This contest is just about the most amazing thing ever.


Gretta said...

Your list is a crafty girls dream come true! Thanks for the chance to win with you.

bamagv at aol dot com

TRAN! (www.thinktran.com) said...

Great picks! Good luck!

Where The Best Books Are said...

Love your list! Best of luck to everyone!

xxsquigglesxx said...

Great list of books you picked out!

Check out my list <a href="http://squigglesreviews.blogspot.com/2011/11/chronicle-books-happy-haul-idays.html>here</a>


Bavarian Erin said...

Wow! You found all the best crafty books! Fingers crossed!
My list is at: http://www.bavarianerin.com/2011/11/chronicle-books-2nd-annual-haul-idays.html

Hope said...

Great list!! I did one on my blog as well. :)


hsw said...

I love the variety in all the lists! Good luck!

Joanne said...

Great list! I'd love to win these, if I don't win my own. Good luck!

nestle said...

I love love love sewing. When I'm not whipping up costumes/ dress up for the kids (school and home) I quilt. I quilt and quilt and quilt. I love sewing. Please pick me!!!

Arlee Bird said...

I'm finding a lot of crafty people in these lists. Sew what. Good luck.

find my list at:
Tossing It Out

Mystica said...

Love those sewing books! Good luck.

Kristy said...

Great selections! Good luck! :)

ann said...

Now this is the kind of books I really like. sewing and crafts
amhengst at verizon dot net

Vintage Love and Photographs said...

Good luck!

Julie @ Knitting and Sundries said...

What a bunch of wonderful crafty books! (I quilt too, but my list doesn't have any quilty books in it!) Good luck!


Jasmine Marie said...

Good luck and happy holidays!