Tuesday, November 22, 2011

asian lotus quilt and a kaleidoscope paper pieced block

Last night and today I worked some more on this lotus asian quilt I mentioned here.

I ironed on the little curve like a drunkard's path, I had decided to do that instead of making it a template and pinning and sewing a curve, it's only 2" so.... better this way
But PHEW that was 48 of EACH color.
(I guess it's NOTHING compared to Bonnie Hunter's ORCA mystery quilt! ha ha)

Last night I also button hole stitched all the way around on all of them in different threads.

Today I finished all the blocks and border blocks and currently I'm piecing the main part together.
I'm getting ideas for more applique, we'll see.....

here's a close up of the blocks, sure was bulky to iron right where the applique and the center block meet... hmm.

If you know me, you know I can't say no to a swap, it's a geese in a ring block swap.
I've been playing (as you know) with different paper piecing methods.
here's another way, where I just used the plain print out and pinned to the paper and otherwise folded or creased the paper and sewed next to it. I don't really like this method, I think I will stick with the freezer paper method, unless.... aren't there some freezer paper type packs that you can put thru the printer?? anyone know?

Well.... if I don't post tomorrow, have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!
I will be MIA next week, more about that later.

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