Thursday, October 27, 2011

One of those days...

I think today is just ONE of those days.
I'm having a cold/ sore throat, yuck, just want to stay in bed.
Hope it's not strep! ( my kids never really get sick, they just bring home the germs to me and I get sick once or twice a year with strep)

Well I do have some GOOD news.
Yesterday my hubby came home with a new laptop, so last night and right now, I'm moving files from the old to the new, also backing them up onto an external harddrive we have.
I'm happy to have a new laptop, it's just annoying to go thru all this..... ( Okay I'm sounding like a brat)- blame the cold. ha ha

Well yesterday I did mail out 5 quilts.
One to a customer ( the bluework I posted about earlier)
One for WISH upon a quilt in raleigh- a store sample, a cool quilt top with KAFFE fabrics.
I think the pattern is called slideshow by atkinsons.
anyways I figured I'd showcase some of my quilting in each block.
I hope they like it.

I used a burgundy thread for the border and quilter larger feathers all the way around, then a light green thread for the inside, a curve- corner to corner on the small squares and a loop sort of from one square to the other. ( You can click on the pics and it shows a better close up of it)

Here I did random leaves

a pointed triangle with an echo

a different kind of leaf

meandering with a clover- sort of

basic meandering

sort of a flame with echoing going all the way to the top

swirls and hearts


following the pattern of the fabric

very boxy look

feathers from the center and out

a wavy filler

a curve with echoing

feather filler

swirls and feathers filler

leaf filler from the center and out

wavy filler

feathers in the corners

feathers from the center out

bubbles within bubbles

back of the quilt

close up

Lastly I shipped out 3 quilts to RANDOLPH county quilt show on nov 11th-12th.
I JUST made the cut-off.

I've also been working on a tutorial for a quilt, especially on how to work with directional fabrics on a star block- getting them to point the right way.
Here's a preview- it's not all the way done yet.
( I also used up the FQs, I have a bit of the FQs left so I will work on a border too)

Did I tell you I love to listen to audio books while I sew and quilt?
this is one I just finished.
it's hilarious!
Go to the library and get it.

It's about this 60- some old realtor who wants to commit suicide but then things and life keep getting in the way- hair apointments, showing a house etc... it's funny!


Barb said...

I do hope you get to feeling better, love the quilts!

Mame Johnston said...

Slide show is even more beautiful in person! It is gorgeous! Love the quilting you did on it.