Sunday, October 30, 2011

feeling a little better and more owls

Today I'm feeling a little better, not so stuffy, but still sneezing and hacking up half a lung it seems like every 10 min or so. So while my family went to church I stayed home and caught up on some sewing and relaxing :-)

Last night I decided to go upstairs and sew a little, I turned on my portable little heater and stuffed and sewed and finished ( gave birth to) 3 more owls!
the 3rd one is actually a cat christmas fabrics, it's pretty funny!

matching portfolios already made

Did I show you this pattern? I bought this at the Sanford Heart and Hands quilt show last week.
Don't know when I'll get around to making it, but it's cute!!

Here's the finished quilt top using the riley blake FQ bundle I got recently.
I will be making a tutorial shortly on how to make star blocks with direction fabrics and getting everything to point right side up!
It's funny to me, to look at this tiny picture and see how mixed it is, I know the 2nd block from the bottom is very close in tone, so it doesn't show very well, but I was just having fun.
I had 21 FQs but had one block left over, so you really only need 20 and there's minimal waste, maybe a 1 1/2" x 3" scrap, that's it!! inluding the border.
So stay tuned for that tutorial soon!

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