Sunday, October 9, 2011

fabrics and a mountain trip

Guess what? well I guess I mentioned it on my last post....
Well I'm back from my AWESOME AWESOME mountain trip with 3 other great ladies/ moms/friends.
Our house that we rented was AWESOME, the days were AWESOME, the whole trip was AWESOME.
Did I tell you how AWESOME it was??

Okay, so first a little quilting talk :-)
Right before we left friday afternoon I got some christmas fabrics in the mail and washed them and put them in the dryer and they were all ready when I got home.
Here they are before I washed them, JOVIAL line by Moda I think...

Here's just a quick picture of a view from grandfather mountain.
When I saw this view, this verse came into mind...
How can you not!? I mean, He created all this beauty for us to STOP and see.

There was a museum and animal trail exhibit up there too, we sat down on a bench and I snapped this pretty picture.
We walked up a trail to the mile high bridge, looking at that from below, made we a little HMM scared... I'm SORT of afraid of heights, I will DO it, just to say I've done it, and especially without kids with me, but oddly enough I LOVE roller coasters...

TWO of us 4 were sort of afraid of heights, but we CROSSED the bridge, this is the half way point, wooo the bridge was swaying a bit, so I walked fast after taking this picture.

such amazing views from up there!!

After grandfather mountain, we went to linville falls and hiked all the way up to the top too, well worth it, AMAZING views.

The whole trip was AMAZING, the weather was AMAZING, the views and colors on the trees were

Glad to be back with my AMAZING family though :-)

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Kathryn D. Duke said...

What lovely pictures you shared. I have not been on that bridge since I was a child and I can still remember it swaying!!
Nice Christmas fabric...