Friday, October 7, 2011

customer quilt and a paper pieced tree EASY!

In a few hrs I'm heading to the NC moutains with some friends, 4 women for a mom's weekend out!
this will be a first, except for a church retreat....

Anyways, last night one of my STUDENTS/ customers gave me two quilt to quilt, one was a RUSH, and today I figured I would do it, so she can work on the binding this weekend.
So it's done :-)
a cute 46" baby quilt :-)

I chose to do simple meandering and chose a pastel variegated thread, since there are so many colors on this, it turned out cute I think

this was the backing, it had an off set X, clever!!

I think it was YESTERDAY I came across a blog about paper piecing with freezer paper, I've done stuff with freezer paper before and didn't like it, but THIS looked easy.
So I printed out a simpler tree block.
The directions said to score the freezer paper after I traced it on the lines, lay the fabrics 1/4" over a fold and sew RIGHT next to the paper, because that's folded too.
It was SO easy!!!! and FAST.... I will do THIS again.
( I'll add the link when I find it)

Here's the printout from EQ, the freezer paper and the completed block, now I see a wrinkle, but I hope it will flatten once I sew it into a block.
I did have the foot of the machine kind of slow down because it was running half way over the freezer paper, don't know how to fix that, I changed the "thickness" to a 3 instead of a normal 2, it adjusts the height of the foot I think, 2 is for normal piecing, 3 is for quilting or something really thick, it auto adjusts the tension, so.... anyways, it was fun and easy.

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