Monday, October 3, 2011

binding done on two quilts

Sunday on the way to church I piled up a few quilts and finished the binding on two- almost 3.
Tuesday we're having a neighborhood crafty day so I'll finish up the 3rd one then
The birdie quilt is done- well no label done yet!

the cat quilt is done with label and hanging sleeve!

on quilting gallery I just submitted a FALL quilt, but the picture wasn't that good, so I took this out and snapped another picture.
I have to tell the story about this quilt though!
I made it 2 or 3 christmas'es ago.
My neighbor uses lots of earth toned fabrics in her quilts so she let me raid her stash!
anyways, I had seen this sort of quilt as a tiny picture in a magazine so I got out graph paper and designed it and cut out fabrics for it etc. ( One of the white leaves - a little corner is not the right white colors- but oh well! )
So I was making this for my husband and of course I'm down to the wire!
On the 23rd of december I'm up late quilting this monster on my home sewing machine and then my machine broke!!! yikes- so I had to wrap it all up in christmas wrap, put it under the tree and tell my husband on christmas, I'll finish it, when you pay to get my machine fixed! (which he did)
I'm glad I have my Longarm now! phew....
(and the FIXING of the machine- was all LINT... so my husband quickly figured out how to open up the machine and clean out lint, since then I've gotten a new machine and he's taken that one apart once too, though I take the bobbin and carriage area apart and clean that out often on my own)
So go clean your bobbin case area, so you don't end up like me! :-)

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Jennifer said...

that fall quilt is fabulous!!