Saturday, October 22, 2011

BELLE party

I just have to share somoething NON quilt related.
My daughter had her birthday party today and I thought I would show pics of the cake.
A plain large circle covered in green frosting, then a DRESS cake on top

Okay- ignore that BARBIE is naked here! LOL

Ahh, much BETTER :-) her top part sure were tricky.

Since I didn't do fondant or royal icing I just put the "rose" in her hand.

roses at the bottom and a trellis on the sides- just because I had lots of green frosting leftover.

front view

back view


Barb said...

How adorable...Happy birthday to your daughter!

Beema said...

My kids loved these barbie cakes - but my mother always made them for my girls! So cute - you did a fabulous job!

~LynnEl in Illinois