Wednesday, September 14, 2011

more owls and kits

I'm getting back into the quilting groove after my tooth infection/ whatever it was.
these are a sampler of some of the kits I've made, I figured I needed a girly one!
I actually sat yesterday and tranfered the block from accuquilt to EQ7, I thought I had them somewhere, but it wasn't all of them and then I also played with layouts, some with the same blocks some with alternate blocks. and by coloring the blocks in EQ and see the fabric requirements on this yellow and pink one, I figured I had exactly enough to make the blocks the same and not scrappy.
I even had scraps for another owl!
here it is before ironing it all down
after ironing it down and button hole stitching on the machine all the way around!

and here mostly sewn together without being stuffed in front of the matching KIT, I don't think I will stuff it and let someone else do it if they want and give away with the completed quilt.

I also got a phone call from one my son's friend's mom from school that he's having a birthday party this sunday! I asked for favorite colors and found out they were blue and yellow.
I looked in my stash and I really don't have large chunks of fabrics in those colors!
BUT! I did have two FQs left over from that bunny table runner, PERFECT! I added some scraps of white and the owl is actually a sparkly white, but it looks cute, ready to stuff and sew together!
My son thinks they are great gifts.

My son got a DSi for his birthday in august, recently he figured out this kaleidoscope setting for taking pictures, then the other day we put it on a SD card and i downloaded them, he had taken some cool pics of my quilts!!

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Barb said...

I just love your looks wonderful....all of your projects are so fun!!