Thursday, August 25, 2011

productive day

This is the first day my kids are back in school and I didn't realize how productive I COULD be without them around.... though I do miss them a little bit.
here's a picture of them getting ready for school.
I also finished quilting the 2nd customer scrappy quilt!
this time the center fabric had fish and ocean stuff on it so on the border I quilted a VERY basic little fish and just meandering all the way around and then meandering on the blocks.

a little hard to tell right here

a little easier on the back

I also busted out my video camera and test -recorded some video of doing the fish and meandering, I did 3 different angles, we'll see if they turned out any good.


Beth said...

Hope your kids had a good first day! I really like your quilt. The colors are so calming, and the blocks are very cute.

beaquilter said...

this was a customer's quilt, I just long arm quilted it for her :-)