Monday, August 15, 2011

pink quilt and patriotic quilt

I finally got around to finishing these two quilts, especially the red white and blue one, I had the top done for a while and the backing I made a scrappy one but didn't really like it, then I remembered I had lots of leftover fabrics and strips sewn together from making the top so I used every bit of it and made the backing plus another blue and white fabric.
so here's the pink baby kaleidoscope quilt done and bound.
still not telling who it's for.

I quilted some spiral meandering sort of

the backing fabric was so cool!

here's the red white and blue twist on bargello patriotic quilt done

look at the funky backing, that was kind of fun to make.

I'm starting to get a little backed up with customer quilts, my kids start school again in 10 days, but in 6 days is my son's birthday, so I'll be in birthday party planning mode.
not much time to quilt!? we'll see

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Beth said...

Both of your quilts are beautiful. I love the combination of pink and brown in the first one.