Tuesday, August 30, 2011

cat girl quilt and couched veggie tales quilt

I've been busy again sewing and quilting ( not house cleaning!)

This quilt is for someone special, can't tell who yet, if she reads this blog, oh well.
I bought this cat quilt pattern at the symposium this summer and made this into a girly quilt, I wanted it a little bigger than the pattern called for so I added more framing to each block etc.

so the first cat is looking straight ahead all calm!
I machine appliqued each block with a black and white variegated yli thread, it looked awesome!
Then just plain black and white around the eyes.

the 2nd cat ( or 2nd picture of the same cat?) looks a little more smug, something sneaky is going to happen

the 3rd cat has a bird in the corner and what's that hanging out of his mouth??
the birdies tail....oh oh

the 4th cat is winking and smiling, ha ha GOTCHA!

here you can see the tail sticking out.

Okay the next quilt!
one day on fabric.com these veggie tales fabrics were on sale, they are SO cute!
so I imported the fabrics into eq6 (now I have 7 and hear it's supposed to be so much easier- only just got it so haven't played much yet)
then I designed this star layout with the fabrics
I did a mitered border with this panel fabric and a scrappy binding from two fabrics.

when I sewed the top together, I had the idea that I wanted to try couching yarn onto this quilt, now long arming that is harder than on a domestic machine, but I manually did a wavy zig zag sort of line across the yarn.

I only couched the blocks on the outside of the layout, left the middle ones plain and quilted a curve from corner to corner on those

the backing has a label.

from a few left over fabrics I made these CUTE pot holders, I took the PANEL fabric and measured to see how big a square could be, then designed a log cabin around it in EQ to be max 8" I think.
I tried to sew just a 1/4" seam around thru all layers and turning it all inside out instead of sewing on a binding, it is THE way to go! then I turned it inside out, folded down the opening and stitched close to the edge all the way around, inside I just have one layer of insulbright and no other batting, maybe it's too thin? this was a good test.
Have you noticed what the veggie tales are doing?? CHORES? Bob the tomato is vacuuming on one, mopping on another, Larry has a plunger in one and a screw driver in the other.
the fabric with text reads BE A SUPER HELPER, ha! gotta teach the kids young!

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JOY NHC said...

Is this for sale? My sn little girl adores veggie tales!