Monday, July 18, 2011

weekend quilts and piecing four patch star accuquilt mix and match set

we have this bare wall above the stairs and I decided to hang up a quilt, risking my life LOL reaching over.... well I got it pinned with push pins

my husband saw it and thought it really needed a hanging rod....

I also finished 6 portfolios for my "old" church's craft show at the end of the month, I have other little stuff and quilts of course, but my kids school had a craft show in the spring and these portfolios were selling like hotcakes!

here they are open, one is missing a writing pad and pencil, the writing pads are hard to track down but I found them at the drug store! not even walmart has them, but they have some cute mechanical pencils in different colors on the outside so I get a pack of those.

my weekend rule is that I won't work on customer quilts, then I recently moved a few things around in my craft room and moved my accuquilt that I got in january and felt guilty that I haven't used it in a while, so I took scraps and cut out a bunch.

I planned to make the four patch star from the mix and match set
I picked a 4 x 6 block layout and boy colors, so blue, green, black and white, and DARK colors where the blue is on the drawing.

I laid out the pieced on the design wall....

this is the whole top sewn together, it's big! very big for a baby... I think each block is 12", so that's 48 x 72" I had thought of a border from 3" squares but I don't think I will do that now, I don't know.
oh and there's some real UGLY fabrics in there too BTW, now they are USED!

so my awesome husband hung up the rod for a quilt, this was the only large quilt I had with a hanging sleeve on. the rod will be cut down and painted black with little "things" at the end to make it pretty.

so I moved the black and white and red quilt behind the computer desk, near my design wall.

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Kathryn D. Duke said...

lots of pretty quilts!! love the little portfolios for your church craft show!!