Saturday, July 9, 2011

red white and black asian looking blocks

last week I went with neighbor's to joAnn's fabrics, it's been so long since I've been there, I used to go there ALL the time especially to get fabrics for donation quilts etc. for 3.99 a yard I could get fabrics for a small quilt for around $20. Not so much any more, now the exact same fabric is 5.99, plus many of the keepsake fabrics they've moved up to quilting fabrics instead and the price has gone up more.... so with gas prices up and fabric prices up, I tend to shop online much much more... I mostly shop uhh their daily email sales are soo addictive!! then I also like connecting threads, but really is the one I shop from more and more now. I get moda or designer fabrics for 5.99 or 6.99 when they are on sale, can't beat that! and with $35 or more gets free shipping..... drool....
anyways, so we went to JoAnn's and fat quarters were on sale for 99c ( which was their regular price a few years ago SIGH!) anyways, I stocked up on 3 different sets of 8 fQs.
I have this FQ book, from the same series as the strip therapy books. the quilts in there are larger and require 24 FQs or so, but I sat down before the road trip and figured that 8 FQs would make a nice baby quilt.
well then after they all got washed I then started with one pile and looked in the book, I was supposed to cut out (4) 9" squares from each, well IF a FQ is 18" then after washing you lose a little and often FQs are not exactly 18" so.... grr. I shrunk down the square and modifies the pattern to 8"
after I added them to the design wall I realized that hte little L inside the block was not centered, I had mis calculated when I modifed the cutting directions so the L was scooted 1/2" to one side, I thought it would be okay, but once they were up on the wall, I just decided to trim them down again to be even, I'm happy I did. Some of the fabrics are directional so I want to stay with that so some L's can only be placed ONE way....
well that's the plan, they are off the wall for now, we'll see when I get around to sewing them together.
With these customer quilts... my "fun" quilts take a back seat.
so much fabric, so little time.... :-)

the next FQ quilt I want to try is NOT going to be from that book though, those patterns might be fine from scrap yardage but not for FQs at least not FQs you get now....
I do have one other book where you cut FQs into teeny tiny pieces, fun to make... hmmm
and then all the magazines I have too.... see I want to go up and look now!!
I HAVE made a rule for myself though, that no matter how busy I get with customer quilts, weekends are for ME, so IF I do have time to quilt on weekends it's for personal quilts or piecing time, haven't been a problem at all until this week... it IS a blessing to be this busy, this is my passion and what I want to do, I love quilting, every piece of the process and I also love giving the quilts away, so I don't want to lose that and have it all be about customer quilts, there should always be room to bless other people too with the quilts I make :-)
God gave me this gift and talent I want to Bless Him back....

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