Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Having a HOOT making owl potholders

I saw a small picture of some owls in a magazine and thought they would be fun to make.
I cut out 7 1/2" squares of the body fabric, then used my accuquilt circles die and cut out large circles for the wings- cut in half, the medium for the outer eye, the small for the white in the eye and for the iris I traced a BOBBIN !  and the beak was the small square from the mixed die that came with the machine I think it's 3" square, cut in half. I ironed on paper backed interfacing- the purple pack.
 this was my prototype

 then I ironed the wings and beak on first and did a small zig zag around- usually I don't like machine applique but this was actually fun, so I'm warming up to it, I made the width kind of small and the length I made longer than I think most people do, this way there's a small space inbetween and it doesn't bunch up so much when I do it.
 then I ironed on the large eyes, they overlapped but I thought that was cute
 I had first played with the way the eyes should look before ironing anything down
 I zig zagged around eyes and eyeballs. Then trimmed the bottom corners to a rounded edge. the picture was all four rounded corners but I did these two bottom ones first and thought that looks CUTE!
The binding I machine did as well, this is for a craft show so I'm looking for speed!
the first set I just sewed on a straight line, here I did the same small zig zag around, I did the mistake of starting to sew on the binding on the front so then folding in over to the back I really had to pin everything to make sure it covered the sames.
I also added a little hanging tag. I used a charm square 5" and cut it in half, ironed each in half like a binding and then folded the edged into the fold and ironed again and sewed a straight line close to the edge down the side.
the first set had the eyes going the same way, here I changed it up a little, I think it's cute.
And BTW YES! that's little christmas trees on the eyes and a christmas gold and red background fabric! I mentioned earlier I'm going to a craft show at our old church- christmas in july!

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