Saturday, July 9, 2011

donation quilt for ethiopia

Well this week and last week I started getting BUSY, this summer had been quiet up until now and then it seemed I got HIT all at once, which is GREAT!! a group of ladies came by yesterday and dropped off 4 quilts, plus last week I also got my neighbors quilt to quilt, then I had to finish another friend's quilt, PLUS I had these two donation quilt on my shelf for a while- one I finished, I figured I HAD to finish the 2nd one today and ship them both off, they are both going to orphanages in Ethiopia, how great is THAT, a lady from the hinterberg yahoo group I'm part of, asked the group if anyone wanted to help and I was just one of the ones who said I would, this is my 2nd batch though, I think last time I also quilted 2 or maybe 3....

Anyways, here's the ethiopia quilts.
so someone else pieces the tops and backings and they ship them off to quilters like me, I quilted it and added my own batting, then ship back to someone else who adds binding and labels ( which were in a baggie with the quilt tops) and then someones goes to Ethiopia and gives them away to children over there.
Now my son had to show me on the Wii weather channel that nights DO get cold over there, I thought it would be hot all the time being so close to the ecuator, but I guess not! :-)
 I asked my "contact" person from quilt tops there are fun and if they have applique or something like that, because I don't do pantographs I like to do custom quilting and it's easy for me to go around the bunny in this case and of course I had to outline the paws and face etc.

I did a large meandering on the whole quilt exept the bunny.... it's hard to tell but it's outlined and the face and paws and inside the ears are quilted too.

this was another top I actually did several months ago waiting for the bunny quilt to get finished, again it had something "fun" in the middle.

the cat was just part of a panel, but again I outlined the cat and followed the lines of the cat and ribbon I also followed the lines of the oval and the little boxes.
the quilted leaf vines and feathers around the borders.

and look Dr. Seuss at the bottom, how fun was that...

this time there were these cute labels with each quilt, well lucky me I have a machine that can embroider too so I added my name on each label also, the other label had the "piecer's" name also.

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