Sunday, July 3, 2011

customer's tree of life quilt

A friend of mine brought me this tree quilt- tree of life.
I think she did a great job on it, she's only quilted for a few years and here she just added more "stuff" to the top and bottom...
anyways, I knew i wouldn't want to just do an all over quilt pattern, so I did some custom work in it.
here's the completed quilt

on the tree I did corner to corner on the diamond shapes and then a dense meandering on the white part and a sort of long swirl with a few knots on the tree trunk

bubbles on the white border and leaves on the orange triangles
corner to corner on the leaf blocks and a feather as a filler on the green.

a leaf vine around the other border

more leaf fillers

I also have to tell you about my little "tree of life" experience.
Last week was my husband and I's copper anniversary - that's 12 1/2 yrs ( half of silver- get it?) anyways, that's usually a big deal in back home in Denmark but not here in the US.
My husband and I had just planned a dinner date with a movie- watching Tree of life with brad pitt.
It was sunday morning and we were getting ready for church I was in a hurry brushing my teeth turned on the shower, and my husband is telling me to come snuggle, I'm brushing my teeth I sort of yelled back, but he persisted, and I jumped in bed still brushing my teeth, then I felt this hard box behind my back, a jewelry box! I opened it up and it was a nice ring with diamonds, I started crying, it was so sweet and I ran to spit out the tooth paste- so I totally ruined that romantic moment..... SIGH.
I didn't expect this at all, I've never been a jewelry type of girl, of course I'm not saying no, but it's not important to me, we used to tease and be proud that both of our wedding bands were under $100! now I can't say that any more... - I may have to start singing Maddonna's " I'm a material girl"... LOL
I do have a great guy!! 12 1/2 years----- 12 1/2 looong years, just kidding :-)

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Katie said...

Happy Anniversary. That's a very sweet story. :-)