Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sampler Quilt for CCCC class

I finished the quilt for an upcoming class I'll teach at CCCC, in pittsboro nc in september
the class will be for 8 weeks on thursday nights....
I purchased the fabrics from fabric.com, from a distance they do kind of blend together, but it looks really cute close up

each class will be a little bit harder than the last one and the students will learn new techniques in each class
here is a simpler pinwheel- i think that's class #2

log cabin class 1

applique in the last class, I used accuquilt go to do this block and will bring that with all the dies for the students to play with

monkey wrench block, showing how different triangles can be used

simple nine patch within a nine patch, class 1

paper pieced kaleidoscope- one of the later classes

drunkards path cut out with a plastic template that I'm bringing to class

different triangle star block

another kaleidoscope block using the smart plate quilting template

flying geese

paper template house

shoo fly

hard to see the backing but I quilted each block differently.

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