Wednesday, June 8, 2011

follow the yellow brick road

I finished another quilt, my neighborhood has a monthly crafty/quilt meeting so I often save up quilts with binding to be hand sewn on while we talk, anyways, I finished more than half of the binding yesterday and the rest last night while watching TV.
the pattern is another one block wonder, a while ago I went to a small local fabric store and bought the blue oz fabric, just 1.5 yds I think it was, I measured the repeat and needed 6 repeats, then went home and cut everything out and sewed  them together later and designed the layout, then on I ordered the border fabrics and backing fabrics and I had more of the slipper fabric so I pieced that with the backing.
it's a fun and funky quilt I think, not exactly what I had in mind or hoped for with the blocks but it's still fun, now I know the background fabric can't have a solid color for this technique, my other one turned out much nicer, but you live and learn, it's still fun.

the main part I quilted a swirly simple meandering

also meandered in the corners but did ruler work/ straight lines on the yellow border

a leaf vine on the flower border

pieced backing with label

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LaDonna and Diana said...

Your quilt and quilting look very nice! I've never done a one-block wonder quilt. And, I'm always learning something with every quilt!