Tuesday, May 17, 2011

UNC log cabin quilt for a friend

Today is our dear friend Gwen's birthday!
She's from singapore but studies at UNC we met her thru a church function and have since then become friends, and she loves our kids and sometimes spends the weekend with us if her dorm is closed etc.
Last weekend she was here because school was done and she was going on a missons trip to Kenya, so we celebrated her birthday a week early.
I made this quilt for her, she loved it! I designed it in EQ6.

I long arm quilted a leaf vine around the UNC fabric and spreading out into the log cabin

I also quilted GO HEELS on the skinny border AND the tar heel on the wide white border WITH tar!

Now don't lose this quilt and lock your dorm room!lol
I have it here for the summer but she'll bring it back to the dorm in the fall when she comes back to NC

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Kathryn D. Duke said...

love this UNC quilt...we are Tarheel fans too...thanks for showing!!