Tuesday, May 3, 2011

little more fun stuff

I've actually been very busy lately with quilting, I just can't show the pics yet....
after this weekend I can :-)
I'll show a few misc things and fun stuff though

The other day my son gave me this note.. should I be scared that I'm 50% quilter?? the unknown later got changed to tickle monster :-)

Did I show the roll of warm and natural batting I got before easter??

After last post I got a few comments about my dog, so I figured I'd show a picture or two of my LITTLE Peanut!!

can you see the guilt on his face?? no??? hmmm

finally something crafty, another portfolio and owl set for a friend's daughter's birthday

 This weekend my daughter learned to ride her bike without support wheels! yay, such a big day!!

meanwhile, while we were all outside SOMEONE had fun with the kitchen trash inside.....
Can you guess who???
Oh..... the day before Peanut got into my daughters room and ate her chocolate bunny!! uhhh I was so mad, hoped he would get chocolate poisoning, but he didn't nothing faces that dog when it comes to food, he can eat anything.....you know I'm just kidding, but HEY I was MAD! lol

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