Tuesday, May 17, 2011

first city scape art quilt

A friend of mine wanted me to make a city scape art quilt, I haven't really done any art quilts, so I looked online for a pattern and found one and ordered it, my friend wanted a nice size wall hanging.
anyways the pattern came and the size was 7" or so and very vague directions.
well I figured I'd use the technique and make everything a bit bigger, so this is the top I made using raw edge applique- a new for me too.
it's about 18 x 20"

then I quilted it and started playing with beads, my local guild DOQ just had a guest speaker who does awesome art quilts, so I guess she inspired me! I have lots of beads for jewelry making so I just dug in and had fun and hand sewed all these beads on.

 I made a little tower out of these triangular beads and then a donat type bead that says LOVE for the clock part of the tower
 added different beads for windows, red beads and red flower beads for the bushes below and tiny silver beads around the moon
Now I don't know if I'm done, but I'm done for now!

the back looks cool too!


Moia said...

Looks great, love the quilting, it is great to try out new ways to quilt. Hugs from Moia

Quiltbenaco said...

Sembra stupendo!

cropperbea said...

thanks and gracias! that's about the only spanish I know.

Katie said...

Nice! I like it. :-)

Anonymous said...

You did a very creative job with this art quilt! very nice work...My Best, joni