Monday, April 18, 2011

stormy craft fair

Saturday was my kids school's craft fair. I'm part of the PTA and helped plan and setup and stuff for the fair and also got a booth space.
It was a lot of fun and people DID buy stuff from me and I made more than my booth fee, so that's a bonus :-) now we did have to close up shop at 1pm instead of 4pm because of the bad tornado storm going thru NC, didn't really know how bad it was until this weekend and even today, pray for the people who got hurt and lost their houses and families that lost loved ones.

Here's a few things I've made for the craft show.
 I made quite a few scrunchies and figured out a trick with the elastic...

 I added a safety pin with the elastic to one end of the tube and attached the other end with a pin
then turned inside out with the safety pin first and pulled thru, then knotted the ends of the elastic twice and cut off the ends

 and sewed the end closed

cute little scrunchies

I also made several finger tip oven mitts.

 here's a picture of my booth.
 And this was a surprise our dog left for us sunday after church, we had just come home to then turn around and go to a neighbor's birthday party and this is just the beginning mess
 in the craft room a bag of crayons got chewed up
 further up he got into my trash can and emptied it right under my frame
 look at that mess! BAD DOG!
meanwhile I told my daughter to get ready to go while I cleaned up
 she put on make up!! gotta love the pink eyebrows....

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The Quiltwhinny said...

You made me laugh! Please give the dog and your daughter a hug for me! Barb