Sunday, April 10, 2011

spring girl dress

I was at walmart the other day and I always end up looking at the fabrics, and thinking that I know they'll close this section soon- they've said that for 2 yrs, so I don't know....
anyways, I saw this new CUTE floral fabric with a turquoise background and just thought my daughter would love a dress in that!
I've made this dress LOTS of times and made for friends- sold on eBay etc- before I started quilting years ago, so I had the yardage memorized. 1yd of one 1.5 of another, the 1 yd goes to the bodice and 2nd tier, the 1.5 yd is the 1st and 3rd tier ( either is for straps)
well I got 1.5 of each, figured I'd figure it out when I got home and with walmart prices, it's okay to buy half a yd too much :-)
Here's my little MODEL!

I had her turn around to show matching scrunchie, - I had to look up a pattern online, it's been years since I made these and figured there had to be a short cut, well there is, but I made my own short cut.

Here she is showing off how much the dress flares when she spins around.

BTW I embroidered her name on the bodice :-)

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