Sunday, April 10, 2011

love hate french braid quilts!

I hate and I love french braid quilts...
this is my first one and it's taken me probably 2 yrs!
I'm into speed, so when I had to make 4 braids and then only iron after each little section, I got soooo bored with it, that I put it all in a box and forgot about it, then once in a while I'd get it out and do a few more sections, then get annoyed with the slowness of it again and put in back in the box.
WELL, finally I decided to use it as a leaders and enders project inbetween whatever else I was doing, and THEN it went together in a "snap".
Here the long strips are finally done, I bought this cool green/blue paisley fabric for the border and pulled all the colors from that to make the braid. Then when I finished the braids, I couldn't remember what else I was supposed to do!

Here I'm looking at other options for a skinny border or two

Then I decided to cut the paisley into border strips and cut on extra JUST in case, used the leftover paisley and cut 2" strips for sashing inbetween the braids, then decided to surround that with a dark green plus I had more to make a green all over border, plus a white skinny border as well.

Here I'm deciding which should be closer to the braid, the green or the white!?
what do you think?
I've sewn most of it together, but haven't posted it yet....
wait and see

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