Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Angel panel

Call me nuts, that I quilted this in APRIL! am I early or late for christmas?
well.... I guess late, I was sorting my quilt projects etc. the other day and wrote them down on this white board I have behing my door- what projects need to be quilted, which ones are done but need backing/ batting etc, which ones need to get finished and so on, so I came across this angel KIT I had bought probably two yrs ago, and I took it out of the bag and remembered why I had put it back in the bag. It's crooked! I had washed the panel and backing and the whole thing is skewed now, I then pondered if I should trim it straight, or trim to follow the lines or just quilt as is... I decided on the latter, that maybe being pulled and taught on the frame would help.
 well it helped a little but it's not the angle of the picture it's STILL crooked! Grrr. I swear no more panels or printed fabrics with straight lines, unless I don't wash them first.
 The kit came with panel. backing and batting, all I made was the binding and hanging sleeve
 I decided to do custom quilting on it and follow the outline of the angels and all the ribbons etc and then ruler work on the border.
This is a close up of the back, where it's easier to see.
I like how it turned out if it wasn't crooked!!
well I emailed a pic to my mom, she LOVES angels, but not so much blue, but she said she liked it, so it might head to DK soon :-) you know MOM always loves what you make even if it's junk! LOL

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