Friday, March 18, 2011

Quilt for CCCC

 I think I've mentioned I got a teaching job at the local college.
anyways, I'm teaching the yellow brick road pattern over 6 weeks.

I bought these fabrics and hurried to finish up a sample for the college to display.
Sure enough too yesterday I got their little booklet in the mail about summer classes and my class is in there!
hope enough people sign up. 

I already have ideas for another class too, a block SAMPLER quilt, and I JUST put fabrics in the wash for a display quilt for that, maybe I'm jumping the gun here, so many quilts so little time...


Vivian said...

Just came across your blog and see that you use a voyager and hinterberg frame. Do you still like it and can you quilt queen and king sized quilts on it?

I was going to email you but didn't see an email address.

cropperbea said...

I have a summit frame and well with any of the hinterberg frames ( I think) you can do any size you want, I have 10ft poles on mine- you buy those at lowes/ home depot when you get the frame, so the poles are 120" which is good for a king, though I say I can do 110" just to give myself a little space for the machine and to change bobbins etc.
email too cropperbea AT
and my website is