Saturday, March 26, 2011

portfolios and owls

I have owls and portfolios coming out of my ears!!

I've had a lot of fun though!
 These two owls are gifts for friends, purple one for tomorrow. I bought a little wooden frame with mini markers in it, they fit perfectly in the mini pocket!
 I changed up the look of the covers this time, the purple is just charm packs, the pink it a solid piece with a flower ironed on- I didn't stitch around it though, but quilted it in a funky way, it's still cute without the flower...
 3 portfolios for PES craft show next month.
The 5 x 7" pads were actually hard to track down, I first saw a 5 pack at target and bought one when I made the portfolios for my kids, then this week I wanted more, drove to target NOT there, drove to walmart another day and NOT THERE either, then last week I went to the pharmacy and guess what!? they have plenty of them and for the same price and the pharmacy is in town, so EASY to get to...

 such a cute little gift for my daugther's friend tomorrow
 These two were given to two special girls this afternoon for their party, they loved them.
All 4 together one last time!

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